Supporting early stage start-ups with big goals for scalability and social impact


When I first started working with Teaching Excellence Network (TEN) in 2014 it was part of DevLabs and being developed along with a number of other early stage startups. While my main focus was TEN, I provided UX design, guidance and mentorship to the other startups in the incubator. It was such a pleasure to work with so many incredible, dedicated and hustling founders using technology to do good. 

When TEN was established enough to take its development in-house, I took on the roles of product manager and UX designer. 

While at DevLabs:

  • I mentored early stage startups to help them create a minimal viable product (MVP) release that would meet the needs of their early customers while still being feasible to design, develop and test with a limited timeframe and budget

  • Performed heuristic reviews to provide feedback on existing products and helped prioritize found issues for the development teams

  • UX/UI design for a variety of startups spanning a number of industries


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My Work

Here is a sample of my work while with DevLabs. If you'd like to see more, get in touch